As part of your membership, we strive to provide great value for money.
Our team have worked hard in the past to produce a Halloween party to be remembered, an Xmas family night, with a visit from the man himself, face painting, games, etc. and an Easter Sunday egg hunt with a bonnet parade and kids karaoke.
All these, plus New Years Eve tickets are free as part of your membership.


Download the relevant application form below, or collect from the Club Bar or Leisure Centre during opening hours.

Contact Paula Griffiths to arrange membership on (024) 76 404 836.

Associate Members

  • Associate membership is available to non Jaguar Cars Ltd Employees subject to approval of the Management Committee & Club Manager.
  • Associate members: £16.00 per year payable by cash, cheque or credit card from Oct 1st each year.
  • Associate member senior citizens over 65: £8.00.
  • Associate Membership renewals are available from Oct 1st. New applications are available from Oct 1st to December 31st each year.
  • Leisure centre memberships requires an upgrade fee.
  • Membership of the Leisure Centre is available to all Club members.

pdficon  Application Form: Associate Members


Jaguar Cars Ltd Employees and Jaguar Cars Ltd Pensioners

  • All Jaguar Cars Ltd. Employees are eligible to join the Jaguar Cars Sports & Social Club.
  • Jaguar Cars Ltd Employees: £10.50 per year deducted from Payroll in October of each year.
  • Jaguar Cars Ltd Pensioners over 65: Free.
  • Jaguar Cars Ltd Retirees under 65: £10.50 per year deducted via Jaguar Pensions Payroll.
  • All Jaguar Cars Ltd Pensioners who reach 65 years of age and have been a contributing member for at least three years prior to retirement receive free lifetime membership.
  • Jaguar Cars Ltd Retirees below 65 years of age are required to continue their annual membership fee through to normal retirement age.
  • Closing date for new applicants and renewals is December 31st each year.
  • Jaguar Cars Ltd Employees who are not already members may join at any time.
  • Membership of the Leisure Centre is available to all Jaguar Cars Ltd Employees & Pensioners members.

pdficon  Application Form: Jaguar Cars Ltd. Employees & Pensioners